le son du métro

decoding the paris metro ticket with lowtech tools

since my first visit to paris many years ago i wanted to know whats on that tiny brown magnetic stripe you use to ride the metro in paris. during an art residency in 2009 i started collecting used tickets, people where trowing away and with the aid of an old walkman,an arduino board, a spreadsheet and approx. 1000 tickets i decoded the system on those tickets. my main interest was to use the tickets for algorithm based compositions and to create unique sounds of each station.how do they sound? what can i generate with this information? the composition is still not finished but will be released on a vinyl disc soon. also the aspect of "urban survival" and the use of technical junk are strong topics in my work. so i did some additional research how low tech can you go for a free ride... the paris metro system was the first electronic ticketing system for transport in europe introduced 1968 and it never changed.

Im Raum Singapore (Lecture), gehalten von flozki, am Freitag, 06.04.2012 22:00 Uhr, 45 Minuten